DJ Lil touts music producers on Youtube
by Charles Magwira

In every market there is demand for good quality products and most times quality determines price of the product, same goes to the music industry. For one to produce a great song, there are a number of factors that determine the product. The message, the song structure, style, and many other factors including the ability of the producer to produce good quality product.

After an artist has completed a creative piece of music, the message goes together with the right instrumental or beat and right vocabulary. In addition, one will need good quality studio equipment to produce a high quality song. Nevertheless, you still have to come up with the best quality song for the market and this falls in the hand of the right producer to make the right beat, record, mix and master the song. Using right studio software. The only painful fact is the cost to put all of these together.

There are a lot of passionate producers with good quality studio equipment and offers affordable studio price but lack the right skills to produce the best quality music. Surprise! DJ Lil (live in love) of Homeland city entertainment, twilight studio has great news to all producers.

Real name Kondanani Mpesi, has recently launched a channel on YouTube where he teach fellow producers different skills, from beat making to recording and mastering a song. He provides technical skills and ability to work with different plugins and software’s like Reason 11, Cubase 5, Pro Tools 12 and other best software’s in the industry like Studio one and Fruity Loops just to mention a few.

Deliberately I said right previously because artists or managers have to choose the right producer for a specific song to make it hit. Now what you need is the best studio equipment, the right producer to come up with the best and high quality music. Dj Lil has worked with different artists including Blackafella and Masavega, Afalisi, Kelvin Sings, Desert Eagle, Ace Dirty, Bada Bada Blakacid, K Banton, Dee Trice, Nyasa B, Gunshot, Base Cube and the list is endless.

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