by Rashid Mkwehiwa

Malawi's Gospel rapper Suffix has released a song which has indirectly responded to David Kalilani's verse in a collaboration he (David Kalilani) did with Achanza in 'Manyazi' song released few months ago.

In the controversial verse in 'Manyazi', David Kalilani rapped about a person who is well known to a lot of people but not known to his church. In addition he also talked about that person who is busy doing music in the studio but runs away from Bible study. However as pundits have concluded that David Kalilani verse was targeting Suffix, Kalilani himself has refuted from the claims in a video he posted on facebook.

In the Video, Kalilani said that "I am talking about those people who are busy in the studio crafting their music while there is little work in prayer and the word of God; it's not about going to church on Sunday but the relationship you have with the church, excellent music leads to platform and respect but once you have gain all that, you have lost it".

Meanwhile rapper Aubrey Ghambi AKA Suffix has recently released a song which music pundits have concluded that it's a response to Kalilani's Verse. In the song, the Nkazi Waku Mwamba hit maker rapped about publicizing lord's work controversially answering what Kalilani was rapping about in 'Manyazi' song.

As David rapped about "sinamveko kuti penapake unamulandilisako yesu winawake (I never heard that you have made someone receive Jesus somewhere)." Suffix rapped that "ndizichita kutchukisa ndika bonetsa anzanga? (Should I publicize if I made someone repent?)." David also rapped that "Tikati Bible study amadwala BP" (when we talk about Bible study, his blood pressure shoots). And Suffix asked that "Ndizichita kutenga ma selfie ku Bible study? (Should I take Selfie's in the Bible study)?"

As things stand should we say that there is a war looming in the Garden of Eden?