by Rashid Mkwehiwa

Musicians in the country are on a verge of organizing country wide shows to take place in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre amid concerns of the Corona Virus outbreak in the country.

Speaking to Zodiak Television in Lilongwe, Wendy Harawa who represented the musicians said that they are saddened to see politicians doing rallies across the country amid the Covid-19 pandemic while denying musicians and other bodies including religions to gather in multitudes.

She said "we are saddened to see the political parties doing political rallies amid corona virus pandemic, this has let us down. As musicians we have decided to organize shows in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre where we will only allow not more than one hundred people to enter, in addition we will also distribute mask's and sanitizer's".

Furthermore, leader of Zembani Band Lucius Banda explained that life of Musicians has been hard these past few months as most Musicians meet their ends by organizing shows across the country.

"We as Musicians are very worried and it has been hard these past months as we are failing to provide for our families. So we are saying that we will get back to organizing shows by following measures to tackle transmission of the virus like maintaining social distance, hand washing before entering shows among others" He said.

Other Musicians include Gwamba, Thocco Katimba and Blakacid just to mention a few have also spoken on Facebook and other social media sites showing their displeasure to political parties who are organizing political rallies.

Among distribution of mask's and hand sanitizers, the musicians have also said that they will educate and provide information about Corona virus to their audience. Meanwhile as of 15 may Malawi has registered 63 Covid-19 cases in which 24 have recovered while three people have died from the virus.