Fighting for a better life through music
by Rashid Mkwehiwa

The "Malawi Federation" a grassroots movement of poor people undertaking initiatives to transform themselves has released a song titled "Dignified Urban Life", a demand for a better life of underprivileged people residing in informal settlements or slums characterized by poor living conditions.

Renowned Dancehall artist Binge, popularly known for his hit song "Zovala" has spiced up the song with his dancehall style fusing up with the traditional styles of the beat and other singers.

In addition, Women from Federation (savings with a purpose) group also voiced out their concerns and advices too. The group members save and borrow money from their group for business and other household developments. The Federation savings groups encourage a saving and investing culture in Malawians in a search for a better life.

The song has been produced under the Slum Dwellers International online campaign with the theme Dignified Urban Life. Through the campaign, Dwellers from the slums and Informal settlements are forwarding messages to relevant authorities demanding improved social services delivery.

However a message is also being sent to the people living in the slums to come together and collectively act to transform thier lives. Malawi Federation is an affiliate of SDI, and other member countries including; Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Zambia have also recorded their songs.

According to the project coordinator, the idea was to reach out to the people in government that they should work honestly and transparent to benefit all multitudes including people in poor settlements in cities and towns.

"Slum Dwellers International affiliates are found in over 20 countries worldwide and the Malawi Federation was selected among other the countries to do the song because among other reasons was its participation in a post COVID-19 research project which sought to understand the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 on people living in Informal settlements of Malawian cities. The research was underlying under the Covid Collective Research Platform."

"But this song its a fusion of urban music and traditional music, this women do their culture songs but i had to fuse all the genres together and come up with one beat, one great song" he concluded.

The Malawi Federation activities are locally supported by the Center for Community Organization and Development -CCODE

Watch Malawi Federation_Dignified Urban Life official music video here