A letter to Him ❤️
by Tiyamike Mwambala

At first I had thought you and I were only going to be friends but then that hug made me feel ignited back to life🤗. I had never felt that way before with any guy but you had put me to life. The way you made my head fall back in laughter, those midnight calls were something that made me forget I was grieving.

The society started talking but you never turned your back at me, you never put me to shame. Men like you were rare but I found you, YOU MADE ME🤭. Spending time with you made me forget that I once had a man who made my life miserable. Every time I tried something new he always came up with excuses to make me dance to his tunes. But then you came up, Oh!Aidan.

Derek had left me just because I kept on miscarrying every time I got pregnant, since he wanted an heir he deserted me in a new city with no one to look after me. That night as I cried on the sidewalk you happened to pass-by and you became my guardian angel. I had thought I would end up freezing in that rain but you came up and offered me a room in your house.

During my stay in your house I had thought it was generosity but little did I know about what you kept in the room which was locked in that house. You were obsessed with me, I had thought you were only the nosy neighbor. But all those photos of me that were in the room showed me otherwise, you liked me, you loved me and you were slowly getting obsessed with me.

Three days after I had seen the things hidden in that room I had decided to leave, I couldnt stay with you any longer. Obsession was a threat and I couldnt take it any more thats why I had decided to leave but you gave me an option, to go somewhere and be there all alone like before or stay in the neighborhood with your help until I found a proper place and a properly paid job. I could not say no to your offer, you were nothing but being nice to me.

I was surprised to find the house that you offered me was fully furnished. As the days went by, people began to point fingers at me then the whole society bullied me as to why I got abandoned and of what made you to help me. Finding out your father was the emperor of the city shocked me, the news had spread all over like fire in a bush that you were interested in a homeless foreigner but you never cared.

That one evening you came by to drop some groceries for me, you found me crying. It was because nobody wanted to offer me a job even though I had gone high with my education. I still recall how you had caressed me, that hug still means a lot to me till date.

You slowly told me that everything will be fine. And in those arms sleep came to my eyes, I drifted off and didnt know when you put me to bed. The next morning I got up to a peaceful sound of birds chirping outside my window.

To my surprise, when I went out to grab the morning newspaper and wait for the milk man, everything seemed peaceful not like the other days and I found a mail from the royal emperor and it was addressed to me. Opening it and reading it I found out you had left without even saying goodbye.

My feet carried me to your door but it had been locked and a neighbor passing by sympathetically told me you had been married the last night, It ached that I fell. Waking up to find myself in hospital bed and the doctor nearby gave me the news I never expected to hear, I was two months pregnant. I wrote this letter today to let you know that I might be due today or tomorrow. Your baby and I await your arrival, either married or not but I need your presence. Your love, Tiffany.