Bucci Makes Comeback
by Rashid Mkwehiwa

One of the leading RnB/Afro pop artist in the country, Bucci has made a comeback in the industry after a long hiatus from dropping a solo tune.

According to the artist, he kept away from the public eye because it was a personal journey of learning new things and self discovery purposes.

In the past years, Bucci hold the record of the most featured urban Artist after Nepman but with his recent silence pundits say he lost it, is he back to take back his position? We wonder.

Apart from music he is also a film act, he was featured in Highbrow movie inspired by events of the cash gate scandal.

Bucci had visits in Europe and Dubai where videos were also seen of his performance at an international audience.

His management has released a press release explaining his come back as below.

"Malawis favorite artist back from an 8-month hiatus, has come back ready to tackle the limelight and show Malawi bigger and better. He took the chance away to reinvest in himself as well as to better understand the way he would like to reach out the Malawian people and the international market".

"The first single to be released will be one that speaks for the unheard. The deaf community has been ignored for too long, Bucci would like to take this opportunity to be their voice in a pool of voice that continues to overlook and oppress them. The title of the track “Apapa” is speaking to all of us". They released a statement.