Been Upcoming Artist For Fifteen Years: Legend
by Rashid Mkwehiwa

In any music industry there are thousands of artists struggling to blow up and some ending thier carrier as upcoming artists after a long music Journey. however meet one Named goFetch, a member of Mangochi based Fresh Gang Music Group.

It Was In 2007 when he realized his potential in Hip-hop/Rap music, three years later while he was staying in Chilomoni ghetto of Blantyre, he visited the studio together with his friend Young Bishop to record a song together.

After dropping debut album titled 4Lo, He has dropped New banger titled Streets recently and has hinted that he will drop another song for all the mothers out there jumped on the Newly realesed Ghetto Tunes Riddim from Sweet Life Records.

GhettoTunes understand that he crowns himself Legend of upcoming artist in regards to his journey as he explained that;

"Been a long time i started doing Music, Deejays love my songs as they give me positive and constructive feedback but am still regarded as an upcoming artists now but i have been fifteen years in the game so call me the upcoming legend"

MIJ FM radio deejay Mphatso Chikalipo explained that upcoming artists need to sit down and understand thier target audience first than doing music for the sake to impress everyone.

"First things first an artist need to have a good material in composition, delivery and production then have a definite target audience to build a strong fan base. If an artist drop an album with different genres for different audiences its difficult to blow up as fans would just love the song with the genre they love and disregard the other songs in the album".

"When you Know your audience you put some strategies to reach your audience, for example on social media eg Facebook you find influencers to reach your target audience. Same as the broadcasting media you find Deejays and Veejays who work with music for your target audience than any other Deejay. In doing so trust me you cant reach two years without blowing up" he explained.

Stream and Download goFetch Streets and his other songs by following link below.