Malawian Upcoming artists to go international
by Rashid Mkwehiwa

The emergency of US and Germany Africa youth support campaign will aid the development and rise of many upcoming artists in Malawi as it plans to sponsor more than fifteen artists in its first year.

Rising Hip Hop artist 'Vassal' who is one of upcoming artist to be rewarded with annual contract if requirements are met is humbled to be involved in the project as it will help him achieve his dream of being an international artist in addition to become a music sponsor and promoter.

"US Ger Africa Support campaign is a big shot that's going to make me go international and it has already started making me known here in Malawi and I believe that ghetto tunes will boost this move". He explained.

This has come as US-Ger-Africa support campaign announced of massive collaborations to sponsored artist with artists from other SADC countries where the project is also taking place including South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe just to mention few.

Born Blessings Gibson Manusha, fan favorite of Viceroy and Joyner Lucas recorded his first song in 2015 and has worked with artists and producers including Excess, Bee oh Gee, Chachi man and K –Mbizo

He plans to open a shop for his mother in first months of contract if he will be signed. Follow the link below and watch his video to help him fulfill his dream.