Meet: Lonje Lee | Reacts to doubters in 'Zondinyoza' song
by Ghetto Tunes

After dropping 'Ma Zombie' recently, the talented artist has released a new song titled "Zondinyoza", a song which has a message to people try to pull down other people who are about to tie a knot with their loved ones.

The brand new song reacts to doubters as the persona has now tied the knot with her loved one although the dis believers spoke bad things (zondinyoza) about the relationship.

Real name Lonjezo Chiotcha, first born in the family of four is pursuing a carrier in hip-hop music in addition to being a student of Malawi's elite education. He has worked with; Wanga, Gts, Jay away, Cannibal and Vystar.

His favorite Malawi artist is Fredokiss while 2-Pac raps is his best abroad. He has a vision of being a bridge of upcoming artist as to make it easy for them in terms of recording and promotion of their music.

He started music carrier to educate and inform music lovers. Find Lonje Lee on facebook by searching 'Lonje Lee' or on instagram 'Boy Lee'

Download Zondinyoza here >>