Classick advocates for Mental Health
by Rashid Mkwehiwa

After hinting to drop a brand new song this year which will feature Nepman, the rapper has encouraged those going through tough times and feel like giving up, not to give up as they are not alone.

Classick265 Himself went through depression and was hard to get through it, but with time he did

"I remember having mad anxiety in the first months of last year. I was in a bad space and depression hit me HARD. I was so devastated and the only time you could see me in public is when i was drunk. I am in a way better space now but i still battle my demons daily. Thanks be to God, family and friends." He said.

"I shared this cause i know most of you are going through the most and feel like giving up. You may not be able to share it but it kills you. Whatever it is you are going through just remember you are not alone. So many are going through things but wont show it so push harder and illuminate. The light is always within you and thats why darkness follows. Be a Testimony." He summarized

The development has come amid the surge of mental health cases which has increased the number of suicides in the country

Depression is real, Do not give up.