Legendary Dancehall Artist ditches Malinga Mafia
by Rashid Mkwehiwa

Co Founder and Member of Magnificent Family Dancehall group, Mad Spark Dangali has ditched Malinga Mafia and favored Mady P in a recent interview at Mij Fm.

When asked who is in top three of whack artists in the country he putted Malinga Mafia on position one, two and three. However he put Bago Tanks, Blasto and late Vic Marley in position One, Two and Three of his favorite artists respectively.

"Iwe nde Ndikudhissa kuteroko iweyo usamazipope kuti umatha, sungazinene kuti ndiwe gunbuss. Bloodclot mxieu. Usamazifireso sumatha Dancehall Malinga Mapwiya, Gunbuss ndekuti zichani Nde bolaso Mady P tu" he Said.

Asked to select his celebrity family he choosed Lucius Banda and Late Grace Chinga to be his parents, Lulu and Zani Challe as brother n sister While "Ginger" his wife. nde kaya Ginger yo ndi uti!

He finally hints on dropping a Mixtape to be titled "Udyo" with Shooto warrior and he will feature likes of Blackafella, Massavegah and Katy Spyder just to mention a few.

When probed why he choosed that name as the name of the mixtape he said its because there will be mad songs in the tape, Nyimbo za Udyo.

Mad Spark came in limelight in early 2000 after forming a dancehall group Magnificent Family, the group splitted with other members who formed Don Dadaz Alliance for unknown reasons and then they started to diss each other at music shows.

Music pundits include him in the legends category as he is an artist with his own unique style and has never disappointed from long time and was there in early music times working with the likes of Annie Matumbi, Vic Marley and other legends.