From Boiz to AziBambo
by GhettoTunes

Growing up as music enthusiasts in late 1990s, I recall those debates as to whether the United States based award winning R&B group, Boys 2 Men meant two boys and two men or boys were growing into men. I had this nostalgic feeling upon listening to local Hip Hop trio, AziBambo new album titled "Archives".

Well, if you have been following AziBambo wave, then you can attest to the fact that their new album is a true manifestation of maturity from mischievous boys to responsible men. In fact, in their album there is a song titled "From Boiz to men" in which each respective member expresses their journey to manhood.

Alongside the "Archives" album release on Tuesday, the group also issued a press statement explaining details about the album and the AziBambo name. In the statement, one third of AziBambo, Nematrix says,

AziBambo in English its fathers. We are fathers in Hip Hop and even on personal individual level. Our role is to provide parenting to Hip Hop artists in Malawi as custodians of the genre." He said.

Blaq Gestapol adds, "This is the blueprint of Hip Hop culture. We are going back to the archives to let people know that this is the Hip Hop that has been forgotten." He added. Other powerful songs in the album include "Sinners Prayer", "My Bad Day", "Change Me Up", "Letter To My Son" and "Ankati".

Judging from how the album has been received and feedback on social media, it is apparent that the album has resonated with middle aged music fanatics and the older generation. The group started when Rappa Young O featured the two other members in his 2012 album "Street Poet" in a song called "Hip Hop Renovation".

It has taken 10 years for the group to drop a 12 track body of work as a collective. The album has been spiced up with features by the legendary Hip Hop group The Nameless of "K-Shi ndi Bobo" and "China" fame, Binge of "Zovala" hit, Snag Bomaye of YFT, TruDoccsy just to mention but a few.

The album has been produced by Sxvage Esco-Beatle, Sage Poet, Nefter and Strxxt knawlxdge. "Archives" is a Hip Hop album that has breathed a fresh air in Malawian music industry which is now saturated with trending sounds such as Afrobeats and Amapiano.

The album is delivered 90 percent in vernacular bars in a bid to reach out to everyone regardless of their literacy levels in the Queens language and it is pride to our identity as patriotic Malawians.

Matured Hip Hop listeners who were once boys now have an alternative sound they can enjoy as men. Well done AziBambo.