Becky flies Malawi flag at Swahili Fashion Week
by GhettoTunes

Malawian fashion model Becky Thindwa wa in Tanzania gracing the runway at Swahili Fashion show from 2 to 4 December in Dar Es Salaam.

In an interview, Thindwa said she gained experience and exposed Malawi to the international market.

"It is a very good networking platform for me where I am expected to share the stage with other top models from across Africa. This will also help me gain new experience and to get exposed to new international markets." She said before departure.

"It will also help my nation get recognized on international scenes," She added.

In a separate interview, Models Association of Malawi President Chris Kunda described Thindwa participation as a milestone for Malawi modeling industry.

"This is a great milestone in as far as growing our modeling industry is concerned in Malawi. Swahili Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion weeks in Africa and her participation opens more doors to other local models. This is a great way of exporting Malawian Talent," Kunda highlighted.

Thindwa looks up to Naomi Campbell and Alinafe Chalunda.

"Naomi campbell became the first black model to be on French Vogue Magazine cover and she always fight for younger models to speak out and stand their ground. Alinafe Chalunda from Malawi who was brand ambassador for Lilly Alforso has been the first model to get signed as a brand ambassador for a brand in Malawi which is not common in the country," Thindwa said.