Sega Mw Pleads for Mindset Change
by GhettoTunes

South Africa based Malawian Afro Hip Hop artist, Sega Mw has roped in Award winning reggae dancehall artist Malinga Mafia on a powerful song which is pleading with people to change their hearts for better.

Produced by Kal El, the song is titled "Kusintha" which also features King Stevo. Commenting on the "Kusintha" concept, Sega Mw said,

"I am not only saying because talk is a cheap, but I am here to let people know that I am on a mission to remind people about the importance of kindness, love, care and justice. I have got a question to all people around the globe. The question is, how do we expect the world or country to change for better when we havent decided yet on ourselves to change? If I want the world to change then it is good to change myself first," he lamented

The chorus goes, "Tikuyenela kusintha, osamadana Kukhomelera ndi kunyoza Amalawi Sizimatikhala Chapa mtima wako iwe, Chapa mtima wako iwe" In the song, the trio also tackles nepotism and corruption among the powerful.

"If we fill our hearts with love and kindness, powerful people will definitely open doors for employment to all kinds of people in this world, not only that but also everyone will take part in sharing ideas and helping the poor. I definitely believe that everyone will be treated equally in different platforms if we remove envy or jealous. So yes, to make this world run better have a change of heart," he explained.

According to Sega Mw, governments are not there to bring piece in peoples hearts hence the duty to take responsibility and He was quick to point out that development doesnt mean monetary gains but mindset change.

"We can only develop the country if we remove hatred. Let us promote love and kindness to bring peace and unity. this doesnt apply through money only but it does through mindset. A clear mind will always create a clean environment that is healthy to live in," he observed.

He then thanked Malinga Mafia and King Stevo for taking part in the project. In his remarks, Malinga Mafia described the song as powerful and positive.

"This is a very powerful song. I am humbled to be part of this positive project," he said.