In-House Media to launch Malawi Nights aimed to play local music only at Night Clubs
by GhettoTunes

Versatile entertainer Black Jak says In-house Media is set launch "Malawi Night" club tour aimed at promoting the culture of playing local content in clubs and gatherings.

The first "Malawi Night" dubbed summer edition will take place on 24 September at Chez Ntemba in Blantyre.

In-house Media founder and Director, Black Jak real name Fatsani Kalonda said foreign music has taken over Malawi music industry hence the need to bring back local content.

"Its sad that people prefer foreign to local music. We want to encourage DJs to start playing Malawian music and embracing Malawian culture. We also want to create a space where people can appreciate local food and drinks," said the seemingly disappointed Black Jak.

He revealed that four popular DJs will be touring clubs in the country where local music will be played for four hours.

"Its not easy to just turn things around. We will therefore start with four hours and see what and where we can improve," he added.

He also said the tour will give a platform to Best New Artist.

Kachasu among other local drinks and foods will be available on sale.