Zodwa Wabantu invites Biggie Lu to perform in South Africa
by By Magwira Charles

Myuziki Pusha Entertainment CEO Biggie Lu, has been invited to perform several shows in the Rainbow nation alongside the controversial Zodwa Wabantu.

The invitation has come weeks after the self-proclaimed Amapiano land owner invited the lady to perform at an event in Blantyre but failed as Ministry of Tourism and Culture banned her entrance in the country due to her nude performances on stage contrary to Malawis culture.

The incident made Biggie Lu and Myuziki Pusha Entertainment fell into huge debts in addition to low turnout and a failed event.

Speaking with GhettoTunes he said that he receives insults and bad comments about the failed performance by Zodwa but he never back down and He is going to drop an album soon.

"I am Working on an album called Amapiano Land Owner which was supposed to drop last year but due to sum hiccups it might drop this year through all platforms digital and analog. I am also invited by Zodwa Wabantu to perform several events in South Africa along with her, Vukani and other artists” he explained.

Despite the flop, biggie lu has oganised several successful shows across the country, and not the first time inviting an international act. In 2018 he brought Muungu Africa from RSA to perform in Lilongwe BBQs.

Listen to Big Lu music on http://ghettotunes.com/playback?a=Z0uyWGOCP1fks