Veda made Eli Njuchi Venture into Music
by By Rashid Mkwehiwa

The nation enjoys and appreciate Eli Njuchi Music but it has been reviewed that they could be no Eli Njuchi without Veda previously known as Coctiz Veda.

The Gugugu hitmaker which is now the most trending dance challenge song on Tik Tok with over 1.5 million views started making music when he was 13, he got inspiration from Veda who at that time was a big artist in the ghetto.

Speaking with BBC This Is Africa program hosted by Dj Edu, the "He for She" brand ambassador reviewed how he started his music journey which has won him different awards and also mentioned his best songs released.

"My first producer was Chycoon, i was featured on a song titled never leave you, it was a song done by Veda. He is the one who actually brought me into music and he really inspired me, u know he has a good ear of good beats and i remember by then i was just his backing vocalist. He was the very first artist who gave me a chance to do a song with him. He believed in me by that time i remember he was very big in our ghetto, he was a ghetto star" He explained.

Sir Lucius Banda in addition to Late heroes including Matafare, Vic Marley and Mafunyeta inspired him to be a story teller when composing his music.

Songs including "Why" and "illuminati" make his favorite songs in his music collection. He will soon launch a third album named Red Frag at Mangochi stadium On 30th July this year.

Stream and Download Eli Njuchi Nawe ft Gwamba and other songs by following link below.