Ex Zembani Band member to launch CD & DVD album
by Rashid Mkwehiwa

Former Zembani Band member popularly known as Hajiman, who has worked with Sir Lucious Banda for over nine years has revealed plans of releasing an audio and video album later this month.

Real name Haji Nulu, is the first born in the family of three, born in November 88 at Mangochi district. The reggae artist is also the owner of Africa 5 Band which he formed during his time when he was singing and playing instruments in the coasts of Indian ocean in South Africa.

The drum specialist recorded first solo song in 2009 though he started playing music instruments in late 90's with Zembani Band 2 and later progressed to Zembani Band.

"I have worked with sir Lucius Banda for 9 years, Mampi, Makhilikhili from Botswana, Sister Pumi, The slave's, Dzukani the Rock Band from South Africa, B1, Organized family, NastyD, Petersen And burning youth from Zambia not forgetting Scott Grey and Mr Beep beep Odi. Mr John Chidule was the one who made it happen for me to join Zembani Band" he narrated.

However he promised to release a CD album first and a DVD later. He has featured artists including Petersen n Shamim just to mention two. In the meantime he will address reggae music lovers by releasing one music video for his song about Coronavirus pandemic.

Stream and download his music and be on the lookout for his up and coming album on www.ghettotunes.com