Don Dada proud of US-Germany Africa Support Initiative
by Rashid Mkwehiwa

Also known as Ny-Wiz, the talented artist is feeling honored with the support US and Germany has brought to Malawi and Africa in general. He is one of the artist topping US-Germ-Africa project channel on YouTube and thereby close to clinching annual sponsorship.

Real name Nisile Williams Mbotwa, popularly known with stage name 'Don Dada' is one of many artist getting close in reaching the requirements of the initiative and secure himself a sponsorship deal since his latest music video which he featured Jay Jay Cee and Masiliso is in the top five as the most viewed video music on the channel.

To be qualified for the sponsorship artists are encouraged to submit their music videos to the project coordinator through email at After submitting, the videos are uploaded on the project YouTube channel and links are sent back to artists for them to share to their friends, family and music lovers. Artists who will reach 5k views within a month while bringing 1k subscriptions to the channel are the ones to get the sponsorship deal as simple as that,

US-Germ-Africa support campaign is currently working in seven SADC nations and has been established to help underprivileged artist who have a talent but canít manage to promote it to reach a larger audience in and outside of the country.

"Artist who has no music video are encouraged use their audio and record a freestyle using their smartphones and send them to the coordinator" said Catherine Meyer, the project organizer.

Visit Facebook search and like 'ghetto tunes' for more information about the project and Join the official US-GERM-AFR Support WhatsApp group by Contacting project promoter Charles Magwira on +265 884 029 885.

The Afro and reggae dancehall artist started doing music in 2016 and has worked with artist and producers including; Dada Morer, Trumpet, Pago and Chris G of South side records. If being successful he is pledging some of his income to be given to the poor and orphans as himself has passed through the situation.

"I am trying to see that these teams will push me in other ways like talking about financial muscle is a problem to me in my music career, since I have passed through a lot of struggles and I know what it feels like, if being successful in signing the contract, I will give some to the poor and orphanage" he said.

Watch his music video by following the link below, donít forget to click the subscribe button and help him secure sponsorship. Stream/download his music audios below: Don Dada ft Ainno Busy_Ghetto Mi Frah Don Dada ft Ainno Busy x Black China x Kay Sparrow x Pago_Amafuna